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  ION Aqua Gear Cabrinha Kitesurfing
  The latest 2015 ION equipment available now
Check out the brand new Nexkin Wintersuits and signature windsurf and kitesurfing harnesses.

The 2014 Cabrinha range is better than ever!
You won't believe the new adjustable bar system, available on a
deal when purchased with a Cabrinha kite.

  Coreban SUP Quickblade SUP Paddles
  The most dedicated brand in Stand-Up Paddle boarding
Our exciting range of inflatable iSUPs now includes the incredible Bear Gryls adventure SUP.

Without doubt the best SUP paddles on the market
Quickblade products are the natural evolution of paddle
performance founded on years of competitive racing by Jim Terrell.

Ion Airpro Camera
Flymount Action Camera Mounts
  The iON range of Cameras
With all the accessories to boot , the Ion Air Pro, Adventure, and Game cameras are ahead of the competition. HD. Super Light, GPS, Water resistant.

The new Flymount v.3, strengthened in critical areas, is the only device on the market made specifically for attaching GoPro or other action cameras to cylindrical objects. MADE IN THE UK

  Weatherflow Windmeter for Phones Lockrack Roof Rack Systems
  The Windmeter that uses your Phone
Instantly share the wind speed and direction straight from your phone. For iPhone and Android. Free App download.

Intoducing the LOCKRACK strapless roof racks
The world's first strapless system eliminates the need for straps
when securing boards onto the roof of your vehicle - at last!

  Camrig Camera Kite Mounts PayPal Acceptance Mark
  GoPro Line Mount and Fin Mount
IThe new Camrig Line mounts that fit on you centre lines give stable shots and fin mounts do not move even in heavy landings