Oceansource Clinics
GetWindsurfing Clinic, Egypt
Instructors: Phil Richards & Danielle Lucas
When: Spring 2011 (exact dates TBC)
Clinic capacity: 10 max.
Price:* TBC

* includes:

  • Airport transfers from Sharm-El-Sheikh
  • Half-board accommodation (including breakfast and evening meal)
  • Equipment rental
  • Coaching with Phil Richards & Danielle Lucas

Please note we also offer full-comprehensive equipment insurance which is only available at the centre and costs £50 per person for a week.

Email or call +44 (0)1243 374615

Clinic Overview
This clinic is available to anyone wanting to improve their windsurfing. Coaching is provided by both Phil Richards and Danielle Lucas who will look at all aspects from waterstarts, and planning in straps to carve-gybing and jumping. VIdeo coaching will be included to give you the best feedback possible on and off the water.

Below is a basic break-down of each clinic day:
  • 9.30am: Meet and kit up time
  • 10am-12pm: Coaching
  • 12-2pm: Lunchtime
  • 2.00-4.30pm: Coaching
  • 5pm: Video debriefs evening activities*

There will be 5 days of coaching in total, so 3 days coaching, one day off followed by a further 2 days coaching or similar, dependant on location and wind forecast.

Please note that all times are approximate, wind dependant and group dependant.

*Home made BBQ, trip up local hill for sundowner, bonfire night on beach and trip into town. Some of these activities may incur a small cost and will be discussed on the day.

Email or call +44 (0)1243 374615




International clients
This clinic is open to all nationalities so if you need help with getting in from another country, please get in touch.

About Phil and Danielle

Jem  Hall

Phil Richard and Danielle Lucas are two highly experienced windsurfers with an undying passion for the sport.

Both have worked in centres around Egypt for many years but more recently as centre managers with Oceansource in El Tur.

They are a friendly, easy going couple who are very aware that not everybody learns in the same way, and are happy to structure their coaching sessions in order to make the most of your personal needs.

Combine Danielle's photographic skills and you really couldn't ask for a more comprehensive coaching experience!

For more information on Phil and Danielle, please visit:
GetWindsurfing on Facebook