John Skye Wave Camps
John Skye Wave Camp, Moulay, Morocco

Dates: June 2-9, 2013 - FULL
Min. ability: Some wave experience essential
(per person):
945 GBP / 1190 Euro*
Deposit: 250 GBP / 315 Euro*
Flights available on request



  • 7-nights accommodation, half-board, based on 2 or more sharing
  • John Skye coaching
  • Equipment rental
  • Airport Transfers (Marrakech - RAK)
Email or call +44 (0)1243 374615

* Price subject to fluctuation in exchange rates and availability.
** Drinks not included.

About John Skye

John Skye was the 2009 UK wavesailing champion and is a seasoned performer on the World Tour in the Wave, Freestyle and Supercross disciplines. He sails with aggression and heaps of style, yet doesn’t consider himself a natural talent, his level reflects countless hours practicing and learning how to learn. John was among the first pro sailors in the UK to enlist the services of a coach, working with Jem Hall and team Fakefish for several years. John still works closely with Jem today, although these days John has joined Jem as a serious coach.

However, a John Skye coaching clinic is less intensive and less theoretical than many of the other ‘guru’ clinics. Its more about inspiring you to go for moves with a few tips here and there than breaking the carve gybe down into its 17 key body positions down, each of which has to be perfected on the simulator before you even get your feet wet. John prefers to sail around with you, shouting encouragement to go for your jumps, or loops or waverides, while pulling the same moves (and probably a few, slightly more radical ones as well).

What to expect from a John Skye clinic:
  • Video coaching, including head cam footage
  • A fairly relaxed atmosphere
  • An emphasis on higher level moves, such as improved waveriding and jumping
  • The latest thinking on equipment, and all the gossip and news from the PWA world!

The small print

This clinic is open to everyone, not just extreme wavesailors. All we ask is that you’re able to waterstart, get round most carve gybes dry, stay upwind on a small board in strong winds and have some experience sailing in waves.

Moulay Bouzerktoun can get very large waves, and the biggest size expected for this clinic in late May is around 2 metre or logo high. These can be a little intimidating if you don't have much experience, but as logo high places go to sail, Moulay is easier than most with a channel to sail out through, and (at high to mid tide) a sandy beach to launch from with little shorebreak, and clean wind.

It's highly unlikely that every day will have waves this big, and a 'normal' day would be around head high, which would equate to a good windy day on the coast.

Recommended UK Flight

JUNE 2-9, 2013

Outbound (to Marrakesh)
Departs London Gatwick
Sun 02, June 06.40
Arrives Marrakech
Sund 02, June 10.25

Departs Marrakesh
Sun 09, June 10.05
Arrives London Gatwick
Sun 09, June 14.35


Transfer note

Please be aware that other flights may require separate transfer arrangements at extra cost depending on number of passengers. Please contact us with details.

Baggage limitations
Details on Easyjet baggage allowance can be found here

How to book

Check with us that there is still space on the clinic then get your flight booked ASAP (the earlier you book, the less it will cost you). It’s ideal if you can get onto the Easyjet flight above. If not you will have to pay extra for a separate transfer.


Call +44 (0)1243 374615
Moulay Clinic Video

Check-out this footage taken at John and Nayra's inaugural clinic in Moulay, 2009.