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Ion and Ocean sunglasses that make you look cool and feel good at the same time. Keep the sun off your eyes and look awesome. 

Water, land, ski and fashion sunglasses for men women and kids.

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  • Ocean Sea Polarised Sport Sunglasses

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    Sea casual sunglasses by Ocean are one of the coolest models of our collection. A wide range of frame colours and polarized lenses are available to give your style a touch of fashion. You can pick a colour for every day of the week! Their polarized lenses will protect your eyes from the sunbeam thanks to these casual sunglasses’ ATOM system. Besides, Sea casual sunglasses are made with policarbonate, an extreme lightweight material!

    LENS COLOR*revo blue, Revo Violet, Revo green, smoke, revo yellow, revo red,gold, brown grey revo yellow 

  • Ocean Cervino Photochromic Polarised Snowboard Ski Goggles

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    The perfect vision starts with the perfect goggles. Cervino photochromic snow goggles embodies that spirit providing a dual spherical lens anti fog with a big field of view. They offer a better optical clarity and an adjustable fit system to relieve pressure points. Cervino photochromic snow goggles provide 100% UV protection together with anti-reflective technology giving a maximum adaptability regarding weather and light conditions. Besides, the frame of these photochromic snow goggles is extremely lightweight, made with three layers of foam for a total comfort.

  • Ocean Photochromic Polarised Ski / Snowboard Goggles

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    The dual cylindrical photochromic lens of these photochromic polarised ski goggles offer an extended peripherial vision. Aspen’s triple-layer foam liner wicks moisture away from skin and delivers long-term comfort. The flexible frame of these photochromic polarised ski goggles provides supreme comfort and safety thanks to their ergonomic design. The Aspen photochromic polarised ski goggles are designed to think just about skiing when you are on the snow. Their thermo-plastic urethane injection will add such warmth that you will need to feel it to believe it

  • Ocean Polarised Watersports Sunglasses Australia

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    Choice of Lenses and frames

    Super Light

    Built in Strap

    Floating frame

    Non slip material


  • OCEAN ANTIGUA Floating Watersports Sunglasses

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    If you are into watersports it´s a must for your equipment the ANTIGUA by Ocean Sunglasses. With a very daring line in its design, these sunglasses are perfect for watersports.

    Floating system integrated in the pins, covered with a non-slip material and a neck strap.

  • Ocean Polarised Watersports Sunglasses COSTA RICA

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    These windsurf sunglasses include a detachable, adaptable and flexible strap so as you can wear them safely in any kind of water.  Ocean Costa Rica windsurf sunglasses have a ventilated polycarbonate frame that make them much lighter and resistant. The Costa Rica windsurf sunglasses are designed for you to not worry about anything else apart from windsurfing. 

    • Lens and frames available in a wide range of colours 

    • Impact proof and water repellent coating 
    •Windsurf sunglasses made with lightweight material
  • Ocean Polarized Watersport Sunglasses GUADALUPE

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    No bottom Frame for improved lower visibility.

    Floating arms.

    Choices of lens colour.

    Safety strap

  • Ocean Sunglasses TIERRA DE FUEGO

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    The Ocean Sunglasses TIERRA DE FUEGO 2016 is a high class technical sunglass and is aimed at those who love water sports, whether professionals or amateurs, who enjoy kitesurfing, SUP or sailing, as safely and comfortably as possible.

    This model has been developed with the most extreme conditions where water sports are practiced. They have the ATOM system polarized lens, which reduce the harmful effect in the eye when the sun reflecting on the sea.

    In addition, the frame is exceptionally comfortable due to the interior pad that fits perfectly the shape of your face, staying firmly place and eliminating the water in your eyes. The floating frame is the finishing touch for this popular model. Choose your favourite colour and enjoy!

8 Item(s)