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Ion Beach Hat 2020

You want to protect yourself from the sun, yet look cool pulling some tricks on the water? Then you'll need one of these!

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Ion Poncho Select Muse 2020

The mobile changing room and/or beach towel is designed like a cosy sweater to keep you warm and happy whilst changing before/after your session.

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ION Car Key Safe Lock 2020

The Ion Car Key Safe attaches the rear of the car towing bar and works especially well for car keys that have an integrated electronic alarm immobilizer.

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Neil Pryde Spark Springsuit 2/2 BZ 2020

Modest by cost but not by nature, the spark is all-outhouse action and attraction.

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Neil Pryde Neo Amara Glove 2020

Purpose-made having the high tension in mind that hands of riders have to endure when holding on to a boom (windsurf) or bar (kite).

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The team of Jalou and Kev have been making the pilgrimage to Cape Town for over 10 years now and both have become world leaders in the Kitesurfing industry.

Jalou is a multiple World Kitesurfing Champion and as Kev says is the one to watch to pick up some tips for wave riding, weather you a guy or girl! She has a super relaxed way of riding and awesome timing to make her kiting sessions smooth and totally in control. This is deceiving as she makes it looks easy but as her stats show, she does what no one else can on a regular basis.

Kev is not only the freestyle Kiteboarding Champion but also a three-time winner of the Red Bull King of The Air. As with Jalou, the style is so smooth that you honestly think he's not even trying. 

Their actions on the water translate to the demeanour on land as well and they are super fun people to hang out with.

We are looking forward to seeing more of there antics this season in the Kiteboarding Mecca that is Cape Town.

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Kai Lenny Doing his Thang in Maui.

Sunday, 1 December 2019 19:39

With the eyes of the Surfing World firmly focused on Hawaii for the Vans Tripple Crown of Surfing, Kai Lenny launches himself into Hookipa with his Windsurfing gear.

If you have been living on the moon for the past 10 years here is a little bit about the man.

A consummate surfer, kitesurfer, Stand Up Paddleboarder and windsurfer, he rounds his professional talent off with competing on the Big Wave World Tour. 

The definition of a professional is "the ability to be paid money for a specific skill"

Well, while we try and master 1 or 2 maybe even three of these, Kai has mastered all and could earn a pretty decent living out of any one!

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Speed Windsurfing

Friday, 29 November 2019 22:16

Speed Windsurfing

How to stop a windsurf board at 100 km/h

Speed windsurfing: crashing at high speed is sometimes inevitable | Photo: Miriam Rasmussen

Speed sailing is one of the most exciting disciplines in windsurfing.

There are not many places in the world where windsurfers can drive their gear at around 100 kilometres per hour (54 knots). Luderitz, in Namibia, is one of those places.

The most popular speed windsurfing division invites athletes to achieve the highest average speed over 500 meters. The current world record holder is Antoine Albeau, with 53.27 knots.

The problem is that speed sailing channels are short, shallow, and narrow. Any subtle mistake could have disastrous consequences. Can you imagine driving a bike or motorcycle and falling at 100 km/h?

It's not easy to stop a windsurfing kit all of a sudden, and close to the end of a water channel. It is something you need to learn and train in moderate wind conditions.

Miriam Rasmussen is a Norwegian speed windsurfer. She is one of the fastest female sailboarders on the planet, and she knows how hard it is to stop board and sail.

"You have five seconds to slow down from a speed of 100 to 0 km/h. Unless you want your carbon fin to be working as a plow at the end of the pit, having a plan is a good idea," notes Rasmussen.

Luderitz Speed Challenge: a lay down jibe is the first step to slowing down a windsurfer | Photo: LSC

Here's the deal. The total length of the Luderitz speed strip is around 1,000 meters. However, a windsurfer will need to sail at maximum speed for, at least, 500 meters.

The remaining 500 meters are for the water start and stepping on the brakes. While it's relatively easy to get the rig moving, stopping is, de facto, an issue.

Miriam Rasmussen proposes three techniques for stopping a windsurfer at high speed:

The "S" Move

"It looks good and works well. As you prepare to perform a long and deep lay down jibe at maximum speed, take two-thirds of the speed out, raise the sail."

"Then, steer the board the other way, and smoothly step off the board exactly when it stops three meters from the pick-up car."

"However, in strong wind conditions, raising the sail can be a bit dangerous, so the following method is the best option."

Speed windsurfing: the crash strategy is always an option | Photo: LSC

The 360 Strategy

"Perform a lay down jibe at maximum speed, and keep pushing the sail down until you stop. It is both easier and safer. The only downside is that you will stop far from the pick-up car."

The Crash Option

"Every now and then, you'll do it. In the early years, the stopping pit was considerably shorter and became a windsurfer's nightmare."

"Forcing a crash at the end of the run is an option, but it is still what causes the most damage to both athletes and equipment."

"The consequences are bruised ankles, jaws, toes, noses, kicks in the groin, pokes in the eye, chops to the neck, as well as broken boards, and damaged sails and fins."

From Surfertoday

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Lenticular Clouds. Or maybey Just a UFO.

Thursday, 28 November 2019 16:58


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