Lacuna kitesurfing products now available at Oceansource - designed with zero compromise in quality and rider safety.  

This allows the rider to progress and push their limits with confidence knowing that their equipment will not fail at the most critical moment. Whether that being big wave surfing at dungeons, training quadruple backroll kiteloops for King of the Air or simply learning to start kitesurfing. All of these activities require different aspects of the equipment to be trustworthy and safe.

Lacuna Alpha

Three years, 15+ versions of 4 different models, 60 plus different bridal combinations per kite, it took to create the ultimate top-end product that not only could withstand the harshest of kitesurfing environments the world has to offer but make them fun and enjoyable to be in.

That is why Cape Town is the ultimate destination for kitesurfing research and development while manufacturing is done with precision at the factory in China.
This combination has allowed Lacuna kites to create products of exceptional durability and the highest quality.

This no compromise on quality and pushing every riders limit, gave birth to “The Call to the Void”, the idea that people have always been drawn to the unknown, stepping out of their comfort zone and knowledge base and exploring new possibilities.

This is what embodies our beliefs and is what has driven us as a brand to deliver unique products to serve our customers.


Lacuna durable Kites

Lacuna supplied three kite schools with kites for the South African windy season.
South Africa, especially the Western Cape, is known for its harsh conditions on kitesurfing equipment. This is because the wind is strong and far denser than most destinations. Most of the days when the predominantly teaching wind blows the hot African sun beats down on the equipment.

Lacuna Astrum Kite Board

This is besides the increased wear and tear that kite schools experience on equipment due to the lack of experience of students that are in training. Lacuna is proud to report that each kite school in South Africa, one in Langebaan, one in Durban and the other in Hermanus have successfully been able to use the equipment without needing to replace any of it halfway or three quarters through the season. The season typically runs from October - March.

This is a significant achievement as two of these schools previously found that equipment had to be replaced halfway or three quarters through the season in previous years. Lacuna Kites are built for durability.


Lacuna Ripstop

Teijin Double Ripstop material was selected as the canopy material offering durability with great strength to weight characteristics. Teijin has a proven track record and is regarded as the gold standard in the kitesurfing industry. Teijin has supplied material for big brands such as Naish for many years. We are currently testing triple ripstop and believe that all future product on runs will be manufactured with Teijin Triple Ripstop canopies.

Dacron Reinforcing Frame

Lacuna Frame

Lacuna kites have a Dacron reinforcing frame. The selection of Dacron material found to be most effective in this regard. The reinforcing frame is pivotal in adding bomb-proof structural strength to the kite as a whole. Additionally, the reinforcing frame adds stabilisation to the ride with the reduction of kite flutter. No flutter creates greater efficiency as the kite becomes smoother which translates to a smoother ride. Laminar flow with less turbulence across the surface.

Canopy to Dacron Frame Transition - Insignia Tape

Lacuna Tip Tape

Insignia tape is used as a chemically bonded and stitched transition layer between the Double Ripstop Canopy and the Dacron Reinforcing Frame. For durability and longevity, a medium-density cloth between the Dacron and Ripstop is necessary to create a buffer between the 2 density materials. Seen in this image as a thin white strip between the black Dacron and orange Ripstop, it is imperative to ensure consistent manufacturing quality and a robust durable kite.

Wide-angle Wingtip Bridal Deflectors

Lacuna Tips

Robust Wingtip deflectors are mandatory to prevent kite lines snagging and wrapping around a wingtip during self-launching or relaunching the kite. Thus preventing the kite going into a continuous loop.

Lakuna Alpha Kite

Ultra Flow Inflation System

Lacuna Inflation

Ultra Flow Inflation on valve system affords a high volume low-pressure inflation, which translates to less energy and faster inflation. More me on the water and less me pumping up on the beach. As the sport of kite surfing has grown, we have seen children under the age of 10 and adults in their 70's on the water. A kite should not be difficult to pump up. We have maximised flow rate to ensure Lacuna kites are the easiest to inflate on the market. The valve cap has a double o-ring seal in case sand gets into the pressure valve seat. A neoprene inflation valve cover is also provided.

Dacron Reinforcing above Inflation Valve

Proper Dacron Reinforcement is placed above the valve inflation cap, this is to reduce damage to the canopy when kites are left in the wind flapping on the beach. The sizing and model is also clearly marked on the top of the kite to ensure the kite size and model are easily identified when the kite is rolled/folded up to fit into a kite bag.


Lakuna Stratus

Loop through Loop Reinforcement Bridal Connection

Loop through loop reinforced bridal connection points are used. Although being a more expensive method it is the only method that ensures that the loop of a bridal does not come off the bridle connection point. This is an added safety feature. This system is stronger, more durable, lower profile and cannot come undone. We use PVC labelled reinforced bridle connection points.

Large Diameter Strut Valves

Lacuna Valve

Wider inner diameter and straight up and down strut inflation system. The wider inner diameter creates a higher volume flow of air as the kite is inflated, making kite inflation easier. Straight up and down strut valves are positioned parallel and close to the strut, minimising turbulence making a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing kite. In tandem with the Ultra Flow inflation system, Lacuna Kites are some of the easiest to inflate.

Turning Speed v. Bar Pressure Setting

Many riders of different abilities ride in hugely varying conditions. The wing p offers three ‘pigtail’ connection points enabling the rider to customise the bar pressure and turning speed depending on their preference.

Triple Stitched Leading Edge Design

Lacuna Kites are some of the most durable and hardiest kites available. With a triple stitched leading edge and Dacron reinforcing frame, the kites can be pounded at kite schools again and again without fail.

The kite range includes 4 kite models. Ranging from 4sqm to 17sqm covering all conditions and rider capability. We wish to provide a durable high performing product instilling confidence in the rider enabling the rider to enjoy their session and progress.


  • ALPHA - Advanced Freeride & Boosting
  • OMEGA - All Round Freeride Fun
  • SIGMA - Dedicated Drifting & Waveriding
  • STRATUS - Light Wind