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Ion Strike Select Semidry Wetsuit 5/4 BZ 2020
  • £389.95
Ion Mens Front Zip Onyx Select Semidry 5/4 Wetsuit 2020
  • £389.95
Ion Strike Select Semidry Wetsuit 4/3 BZ DL 2020
  • £379.95
Ion Onyx Select Semidry 4/3 Wetsuit FZ DL 2020
  • £379.95

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ION B2 Kites Seat Harness

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Fantastic service, very efficient. Goods arrived on-time and well-packaged. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks guys!

James Webb - UK

Amazing customer service, went out of their way to get the product delivered when the manufacturer was late

Jeroen Beijer - Dubai

Awesome service, full of stoke!

Dennis H-60 - Sweden

Great service and advice. The kit that was recommended was exactly what I needed. I'm very happy with the service from these guys. The delivery time was good and my order arrived on time and was accurate. Recommended!!

Nick Howarth - UK

I bought a kitesurf harness. They are very professional, very avaible and very fast with all. The comunication is excellent. I recommend this shop. The product was super and I’m glad to have bought here.

Niky Ipol - Russia

Nothing is too much, outstanding level of care and attention. Prompt and clear communication. Great store!



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