Sunday, 4 March 2018 16:58

A two-week trip to Cape Town in the middle of February is a kitesurfer or windsurfers priority for a number of reasons.

The main one being the brilliant wind conditions with loads of places to ride.

The air temp is around 28 deg most days and though the water is chilly you hardly notice it because of how busy you're kept by the wind and waves.


Most industry players have realised this and now spend a few weeks or even months there every year to test the product and launch new ranges. People like Neil Pryde, RRD, North, ION, Vanhunks and many more.

This allows the team riders to really test there metal and have some of the best photographers on the planet to catch them trying out next years gear.

Oceansource was lucky enough to cut their teeth in this town for over 15 years and so it’s a real return home at the best time of the year. Years ago there was the Downwindshuttle now there is the Downwindbus complete with fridge and enough space for 15 riders!

We are pleased to add another brand to the stable being Signature. They are a great surf sup and skate brand that will soon be included in the Oceansource line up.

Our current supplier Vanhunks will also be adding to the range with SUP and also a great fin range and accessories.

We have some possible development of Foils for Kite Sup and Surf with a local South African company that develops composites for the McLaren F1 Team so watch this space. 

While there I tried Kite Foiling for the first time and as you will see in the video it isn’t as hard as you might think. Of course, I edited out the wipeouts in this one but will do a little compilation of them when time allows.

This time of the year also sees the biggest Kiteboarding event on the calendar that is The Red Bull King Of The Air. After having done the commentating on this for many years it was good to sit back in the VIP lounge and just watch the spectacle with my son Reece.


Kevin Langeree took his second RBKOA title after a brilliant closely fought final against newcomer Liam Whaley.

Cape Town 2018 from Brad Symington on Vimeo.



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