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Ion Surf Core Boardbag 2019


Sizes: 5´6

Max. Board Size: 5´6 165x54 cm

Weight: 1,45 kg

Sizes: 5´8

Max. Board Size: 5´8 173x53 cm

Weight: 1,5

Sizes: 6`0

Max. Board Size: 6`0 183x53 cm

Weight: 1,55

Sizes: 6`10

Max. Board Size: 6`10 210x55 cm

Weight: 1,8 kg

Sizes: 6`5

Max. Board Size: 6`5 199x54 cm

Weight: 1,65 kg

Sizes: 8`0

Max. Board Size: 8`0 245x57 cm

Weight: 1,9



+44 (0)7504 562674


5mm foam padding, silver PE on the bottom outside and strong webbing around the edges make sure the Ion Surf Core Boardbag 2019 from Oceansource will guard and protect your beloved boards like you would a newborn baby! Can't decide which board to bring? Why not take three boards (or two with heaps of extra room for clothes and other stuff)! 

Brand Ion
Year 2019


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