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Ion Capsule Line Feat. Michael Cina

2019 ION comes up with a new artist collection – the Capsule Line unites a selected number of products of the wetsuits range, the muse range, the tops range and the ponchos range with one extraordinary design done by the artist Michael Cinalthough Michael isn’t a surfer, a kiter or a biker and in his spare time he is not the one searching for waves or trails, for ION he is the perfect partner for the Capsule Line, because we have the same angle of view on the fields of arts and sports and we share the same source of inspiration: “NATURE is glamorous to the point of confusion, let the artist be truly taciturn.” Michael Cina feels constantly inspired by textures, colours, motion, light, shapes, accidents, reflections ... basically, anything nature offers us to see, to feel, to explore.

“Inspiration is everywhere. I find inspiration from everything I do.” Therefore he does a ton of experimentations with materials and makes his own paints. Which means he doesn’t use traditional materials – like brushes – to paint with.

He lives and breathes design, typography and art and his overall motto is “Exploring Other Spaces”.

We at ION share this dedication to work. Our approach is to always explore new spaces in terms of creation, materials and design to offer the best possible products that allow you to experience nature, face the elements and feel its forces. We follow our inspiration, we never stop researching and developing.

This is what the Capsule Line stands for.