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The Lacuna Kite Boards right now are the React and Astrum Twin Tip's that offer both great pop and smooth rides through choppy water.

4 products found in Lacuna Kite Boards

Lacuna React Twintip Kiteboard 2020 - Oceansource
Lacuna React Twintip Kiteboard 2020
  • £420.00
Lacuna Astrum Twintip Kiteboard - Oceansource
Lacuna Astrum Twintip Kiteboard
  • £587.00
Lacuna Torx Twintip Footstraps - Oceansource
Lacuna Torx Twintip Footstraps
  • £130.00
Lacuna Twintip G10 Fins - Oceansource
Lacuna Twintip G10 Fins
  • £50.00