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NP Neil pryde S1 Tracker EZ SET Spreader bar 2017


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Tracker Hook Spreader Bar More freedom of movement and less restriction compared to a traditional fixed hook

Reduces torque load on the spreader bar whilst carving turns and riding toe-side 

Wide range pivot that automatically springs back to the center 

Smooth, rounded hook with a deep curve allows the chicken loop and security finger to attach securely reducing the chance of accidental unhooking 

Titanium fulcrum used for best strength to weight ratio Durable anodized spring Spare spring pack included with every bar.


25cm | (Men’s XS, S, M, L), (Ladies’ S, M, L) 
30cm | (Men’s XL)

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The NP Neil pryde S1 Tracker EZ SET Spreader bar 2017 is a pivoting hook which reduces the torque load experienced when a kite starts pulling with a side vector to the body. The spring powered hook effectively makes the connection point much closer to the rider, negating sideways forces experienced during turns or toe-side riding. The hook self-centers once the load is removed, making hooking in after performing unhooked tricks easier. 

S1 is the world’s first spreader bar constructed entirely out of forged aluminum. To design the ultimate harness we started by looking at the spreader bar, the most essential part of a harness and the link between you and your equipment. Working closely with pro riders, our design team explored numerous material and construction combinations and used finite element analysis to work out dynamic loads, finally settling on forged aluminum construction for best strength to weight balance and anti-corrosion properties. Stronger and lighter than any other spreader bar available, the S1’s unique shape allows for an even load distribution. A smooth finish with no sharp edges completes the unique design. 

Now available with four unique spreader bar options and hooks to cater for all riding styles and situations.

Gender Unisex
Harness Type Windsurf/Kitesurf Waist
Brand Neil Pryde


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