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Ion Boardbag Technology

Ion Travelgear Travelbags


A thermo molded PE plate ensures great stiffness combined with lightweight and durability. The plate is protecting the area that is getting the most friction while traveling.


The sherpa_belt makes travelling even easier: simply put the belt around your shoulders and have your hands free for all the other stuff you need to take care of while traveling.


Gone are the days of hauling your boardbag in an awkward fashion across airport floors. ION has developed the Connec- tive_Handle as a simple solution for those tricky times. Using this accessory, you can connect the front handle of the Tec Boardbag to your trolley bag or airport trolly and calmly cruise to the check in counter.


Thanks to the use of thin and lightweight ripstop fabric com- bining with ultra-lightweight foam padding, ION board bags ensure best board protection at minimal weight.


based on a 8 mm basic foam layer a half circle foam profil with a thickness of 10 mm takes place; working as a kind of damping system for your board; at the same time the air venti- lation works better with this construction and let your board faster get dry


The Bag_Breeze 2.0 does exactly what it says on the tin!

The two new TPU patches on the front and back of the bag, are combined with the mesh inserts at the front and tail to ensure great ventilation. The mesh inserts are completely EVA padded, perfect to protect your precious board. Say goodbye to a hot damp interior and hello to a breezy bag for your wet kit and board!


Put your mind at ease with the new Rail_Guard feature. Covering the full rail of the board, the thick piping protects the rails from clumsy baggage handlers, over zealous taxi drivers and all other kinds of impact.

Neil Pryde

Grounded in a passion for Sailing, NEILPRYDE was founded by nooone less than a man called Neil Pryde – a passionate Sailor, who founded his business developing yachting Sails.

At the beginning of the 1970ies, he saw a business opportunity in the upcoming Windsurfing industry, and focused on developing Sails for that Sport, which marked the beginning of NEILPRYDE Windsurfing.


NEILPRYDE lives through the victories brought in by its Team Riders with the help of our products. Only by building and nurturing these strong bonds to our community and the industry, understanding the needs of our customers and hearing their feedback, can we at NEILPRYDE ensure to develop the best products, truly made for purpose.


We are here to champion the race, as competitions further prove our products’ superior engineering, innovation and durability.

Through this, we further seal our promise towards our customers, the athletes as well as the occasional Watersports practitioner, to deliver products meeting and exceeding expectations, and above this, aiming to let them have fun on the water.


In both Windsurf Sail development as well as WaterWear and Accessories made for Wind-Watersports, NEILPRYDE has built a legacy over the past decades and continues to do so…