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We’ve been told what to do our entire lives. Follow convention, play it safe, wait your turn, be on time, stay between the lines ... Life is full of rules. Fortunately for us, we’re not afraid to bend or break them once in a while. In fact, challenging the status quo is what drives us to keep moving forward.

Ride Engine started in a garage in Santa Cruz. We didn’t have much money, but we had a wealth of ideas and ingenuity. Over the past few years, we have grown and evolved into an industry-changing brand few people believed would ever happen. We have the naysayers to thank for that.

When we came out with the world’s first hard shell harnesses, the doubters of the world told us it wouldn’t work. “Why would you want a stiff harness,” They said. “Nobody will buy it.” Now, harnesses as we know them have changed forever and every brand in the industry has a hard shell imitation of Ride Engine’s original Armor.

“Ride What You Can’t” is our tribute to defying the doubters- to throwing the rules out the window and following your heart, wherever it may take you. Someone will always be there to say you can’t do something. We’re here to say you CAN.

This is how we ride. When someone says we can’t- even if that someone is the voice in our own heads – we just try harder. We dive deeper, crash harder, push ourselves a little farther, take one more small step outside our comfort zone until, eventually, we’re doing what someone said we couldn’t.