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Many brands reference the harness as an accessory. To us, the harness is essential. It’s our primary focus, and we believe for good reason: The harness is the critical connection point between your body and your kite.
 Not only is it a primary safety piece, but an uncomfortable harness can ruin even the best session. This to us makes it a vital piece of equipment rather than an afterthought. 

For the fourth version of our iconic Hard Shell harnesses, we focused tirelessly on new technologies to improve the harness that redefined the way a harness should look, feel and work. 

The development process isn’t always about what
you can add or what gimmick you can market. Some- times it’s about taking a step back and looking at your successes and how to improve them. The central focus of our harnesses has always been the hard shell. We invented it, we stand by it and this year we revisited it and then we reinvented it. 

Year Four of the Ride Engine Harness line brings a proprietary new shell technology that delivers added durability and a better fit for longer more comfortable sessions for years to come. 

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